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Lucas Carvalho Leal is a joint PhD student at Unicamp and Unifi. He is under Prof. Andrea Ceccarelli's supervision at Unifi and Prof. Eliane Martins' at Unicamp. He has started his six months secondment at Unifi on November, 2019. His current research focus is on the use of run-time monitoring data to generate and update behavior models of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), and their application to performing run-time CPS testing. 

He is also working on model transformation and generation from System-of-Systems behavior descriptors to apply on run time model-based testing processes in cooperation with Prof. Leonardo Montecchi. In his seminar at CINI-UNIFI he presented a self-adaptable framework to automate the model-based testing process. The research started as an investigation of run time regression tests on service orchestrations, however, the results brought him close to Model Driven Engineering and Run time System Monitoring, which now are the main goals of his PhD research.