Francesco Mariotti and Francesco Terrosi (UNIFI-CINI) are currently seconded at INPE. They will work, respectively, on the BEDCS use case for i) creating a stochastic model for performability analysis and ii) analyzing anomalies in data received from collecting platforms. In the meantime, Prof. Andrea Bondavalli (UNIFI-CINI) has also been seconded at INPE for a period of two weeks. During the WETE workshop located at INPE, he gave a lecture titled "Dependability Challenges in Safety-Critical Systems: the adoption of Machine Learning" and a speech on Cyber Physical Systems and ADVANCE Project.

On 4th of November, Antonio Bertachini Prado (INPE) concluded his secondment at UNIFI. In this period he worked on simulations of satellites' orbits, providing UNIFI group with new knowledge on this field of research and contributing to the BEDCS use case activities.

Dr. Zoltán Micskei and Márton Elekes spent one month at ResilTech in Pontedera, Italy. Their secondment was connected to the research activities in WP2 - Techniques for Collecting Evidence in CPSs.

At the beginning of their secondment, they gave a seminar entitled Testing models and modelling languages. They presented recent research work on how modeling languages and their semantics can be tested using the assessment of the Precise Semantics of UML State Machines (PSSM) OMG standard and it test suite as a case study.

After discussions with researchers from ResilTech, they identified that testing of modelling languages is relevant for them, because they are developing ResilBlockly, a tool for modelling and assessment of System of Systems, used by the company in their R&D projects and consultations.

They identified which topics are relevant both from a research perspective and both from knowledge transfer and the development of the tool. For example, creating a systematic test suite that can be used in different test scenarios and levels is highly relevant. Researches from BME and RESILTECH analyzed the metamodel for ResilBlockly’s Profile Designer, and designed test profiles that could be used to test edge cases or combinations of model elements.

Antonio Prado (INPE) has just started his secondment at UNIFI. He will work on astrodynamics for the study of orbits in the context of the BEDCS use case. He has already held an interesting discussion with the members of the UNIFI research group about orbits dynamics and a seminar on the topic.