Prof. Camilo Gómez and Daniel Cuellar from UNIANDES ended their month and a half secondment at UNIFI by making a final presentation on their research activity carried out during this period. They worked on stochastic optimization for the analysis of adversaries’ attack paths in CPSs. Further research will follow to consider the countermeasures that could be taken by a "defender" to limit the threats posed by adversaries.


Vince Molnár and Bence Graics from Budapest University of Technology and Economics had a 1-month-long secondment at INPE. They have continued to work on the activities initiated almost 3 years ago, focusing on model-based design and simulation of concept of operation (ConOps) models and satellite constellations.

In addition to the cooperation with students and researchers of INPE, they gave a 3-hour lecture on model-based systems engineering and related V&V activities. As one of the central topics of discussion was which modeling language and tool to use for what problem, they have evaluated and worked with multiple tools and languages, including the upcoming SysMLv2 language.

Prof. András Pataricza and András Földvári from Budapest University of Technology and Economics were visiting ResilTech. They presented works on error propagation analysis in risk and mitigation assessment in cyber-physical systems.

They were working on a standard-compliant analysis workflow for early estimation of risk, mitigation strategies, and cost impacts for cybersecurity. The goal of the workflow and the corresponding analysis framework is to support the domain experts’ effort by providing a hierarchical modeling approach for qualitative analysis, reasoning, and optimization.

Yesterday (11 July 2022) Prof. Zoltán Micskei and Márton Elekes (BME), currently seconded at ResilTech, visited the University of Florence. On this occasion they also had the opportunity to meet Prof. Camilo Gómez (UNIANDES), who is currently seconded at UNIFI. They talked about possible future collaborations between BME and UNIANDES.

The ADVANCE secondments at the University of Florence have resumed. Camilo Gómez and Daniel Cuellar from UNIANDES are visiting UNIFI and have already held a seminar on Stochastic Optimization for CPSs. Common research interests have been identified and will be explored during their secondment.