András Vörös (BME) has started his secondment at INPE in June 2019. András Vörös is an assistant professor at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. His main research interest is formal methods and model-driven software and systems engineering.

András presented tutorials at INPE and UNICAMP on "Model-based Systems Engineering" summarizing his past research and professional experiences on modeling, modeling languages and verification techniques. He presented tools and case studies from previous and ongoing research projects at BME.

Participants of these tutorials came from research institution such as INPE, universities such as ITA and Unicamp and also from the industry. More than 35 participants visited the long tutorial that took 9 hours long, and we also had a modelling introduction to the engineering department in INPE. During the tutorial, fruitful discussions started about the possible use of model-driven techniques and testing related approaches at the partners.

András will work with researchers and students at INPE on the Brazilian Environmental Data Collection System (BEDCS) system during his research visit. András will give a lesson in the Verification and Validation course in INPE for graduate students too.