Zoltán Micskei from BME has been seconded to ResilTech for two weeks. He continues the work with ResilTech researchers on using modeling for testing and analysis of critical systems. As the leader of the Critical Systems Research Group, he gave an update on the recent research activities at BME that can be relevant to ResilTech and the ADVANCE use cases.

During the discussion after the talk, the participants selected potential collaboration areas that can be further developed during the subsequent BME secondments in July: modeling of development processes specifically focusing on security requirements, error propagation analysis in embedded and service-oriented systems and security/safety analysis using novel graph processing techniques.

Dóra Cziborová and Márton Elekes started their one-month secondment at ResilTech in Pontedera, Italy. They started their stay with a seminar. Dóra presented ‘Modeling and Verification of Timed Behavior in Fault-Tolerant Systems’. Márton gave a talk about ‘Assessing the Specification of Modeling Language Semantics and a Case Study on UML State Machines’. Together with ResilTech employees, they will work on modeling and verification topics.

The 4th WAFERS workshop took place at ISSRE on 9 October 2023, in Florence. The workshop included a keynote given by Zoltan Micskei (BME), one journal first article and four brand new research papers, as results of ADVANCE project collaborations.

The workshop was attended also by several participants external to the project.

Many thanks goes to the workshop chairs Tommaso Zoppi (UNIFI-CINI), Francesco Brancati (Resiltech) and Esther Colombini (UNICAMP).

Antonio Bertachini (INPE) just started his three-months secondment at CINI-UNIFI. He will work with the Florence research group on satellites orbits dynamics, in particular on what-if analysis in case of satellites unavailability. 

Fátima Mattiello and Antonio Prado (INPE) ended their three-week secondment at CINI-UNIFI. In this period they worked together with the UNIFI group on the GOLDS constellation of nanosatellites. In particular, the objective of this collaboration is to build a modeling framework for the evaluation of the performability of GOLDS constellation.

During this period, Fátima Mattiello gave a lecture at the ADVANCE Graduate School. The topic of the lecture was the Verification and Validation in the context of space system engineering.