During the considered period, Andrea Ceccarelli (CINI-UNIFI) worked with professors Leonardo Montecchi and Eliane Martins, PhD student Lucas Leal and MSc student Elder de Oliveira Rodrigues Júnior. In particular, it should be noted that Andrea Ceccarelli is currently appointed as supervisor of Lucas Leal, who is currently performing a dual PhD Degree with University of Campinas and University of Firenze. Further, Andrea Ceccarelli is expected to supervise Elder during his stay in Firenze, that is planned for six months starting at the end of 2019. 

During the secondment period, Andrea Ceccarelli also visited Prof. Elias Duarte from the University of Curitiba (Parana, Brazil), together with Leonardo Montecchi. With such occasion, he had the possibility to discuss research topics with PhD and MSc students working with Prof. Duarte.

With Lucas Leal he discussed the progress on the work on testing of service orchestrations using model-driven techniques. With Elder de Oliveira he discussed possible joint work to be performed on the topic of specifying coding conventions with structured models, a topic on which Elder is working for his master’s project. 

In Campinas, Andrea Ceccarelli presented recent results on anomaly detection in a talk called “On anomaly-based intrusion detection: from algorithms evaluation to algorithms selection”.