Bence Graics and Vince Molnár (BME) have started their secondments at INPE in October 2019. Bence Graics is a PhD student and Vince Molnár is an associate researcher at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Their main research interests are model-driven development and verification of component-based reactive systems. Vince Molnár also specialized on formal methods to support the verification of large-scale concurrent systems.

Bence and Vince have introduced their research topics at INPE summarizing their past research and experiences on modeling languages and verification techniques. They presented the open-source tool "Gamma Statechart Composition Framework" which they have been developing for four years. They summarized and demonstrated the functionalities of the framework and the ideas behind them: support for the design of component-based reactive systems, run-time validation, code generation, test generation and formal verification of models.

Bence and Vince are going to work with students and researchers at INPE during their research visit. Their goal is to exchange experience with experts of the Brazilian space industry and help them in introducing model-driven engineering and formal methods into their daily development practices.