Profa. Dra. Regina Lúcia de Oliveira Moraes was seconded to INPE in two periods during November 2019 and November 2020. The main goal of the first period was to understand the BEDCS - Brazilian Environmental Data Collection System to elicit further requirements for the ADVANCE project. She visited several INPE facilities and had discussions with INPE staff. Moreover, she witnessed the launch of a balloon to collect data on the ozone layers. She visited several related institutions, including the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte and International Neuroscience Institute Edmond and Lilly Safra.

In the second period, she were working with INPE on new approaches for V&V process of the nanosatellites. They investigated whether the CubeSat standard allows to simplify the V&V process due to the standard interfaces and the tests performed in its engineering process before being delivered as a COTS-based nanosatellite. The result of the investigative work resulted in a joint conference publication to be published at the end of December/2020.

Batista C., Basso T., Mattiello-Francisco M. F., Moraes R. "Impacts of the Space Technology Evolution in the V&V of Embedded Software-Intensive Systems”. IN: The 2020 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence - CSCI 2020, Las Vegas, USA, 16-18 Dec., 2020.

On December 2nd she gave a lecture for the graduate students at INPE. The title, “Sistemas Ciber-Físicos: os desafios dos sistemas emergentes” showed a broad cut of V&V activities and the INPE initiatives so far. Finally, she visited the Engineering site and LIT laboratory at INPE.