This week we had our virtual Mid-term meeting with project officers from the European Commission. ADVANCE researchers presented their results from research exchanges.


On the first day, senior researchers presented the progress of the project. The technical work was grouped into techniques for collecting evidences for verification & validation of cyber-physical systems and techniques for management and analysis of V&V-related data. After that, five seconded researchers gave an overview about the results from the research exchanges. The talks included:

  • Fátima Mattiello-Francisco: BEDCS - key elements for case study
  • H. Maria Maqsood: Formalizing Requirements and Design; Orbiting Scenarios for Nano Satellite Operations
  • Vince Molnár: Model-based verification of component-based systems
  • José Alexandre D’Abruzzo Pereira: Evaluation of Java Static Analysis Tools (SATs) based on Models
  • Elder de Oliveira Rodrigues Jr.: Model-Driven Fault Injection in Java Source Code

On the second day, the training, dissemination and project management activities were presented, and we discussed the current pandemic situation and the way forward.