During the considered period, Andrea Ceccarelli (CINI-UNIFI) worked with professors Leonardo Montecchi and Eliane Martins, PhD student Lucas Leal and MSc student Elder de Oliveira Rodrigues Júnior. In particular, it should be noted that Andrea Ceccarelli is currently appointed as supervisor of Lucas Leal, who is currently performing a dual PhD Degree with University of Campinas and University of Firenze. Further, Andrea Ceccarelli is expected to supervise Elder during his stay in Firenze, that is planned for six months starting at the end of 2019. 

Elder de Oliveira (UNICAMP) has presented his ongoing mater's thesis entitled "Towards a Structured Specification of Coding Conventions". The main contribution of his work is to provide a DSL (domain specific language) to express coding rules (for Java), allowing the possibility to automatically generate static checkers to validate a Java source code.

Prof. András Pataricza (BME) has started his secondment at Resiltech in July 2019. Prof. András Pataricza is a full professor at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. His main research interests are dependable systems, data analysis and formal methods.

Andras Pataricza's presentation at Resiltech

Prof. Pataricza worked on the automotive case study provided by Resiltech. He investigated how requirement, project and code metrics can be used to guide the development and validation activities of such complex systems. As a first step, he and experts from Resiltech analyzed metrics provided by vulnerability databases and static analysis tools on the source code of the Linux kernel.


Maria Maqsood (CINI-UNIFI) has started her secondment at INPE in September, 2019. She is a PhD researcher under supervision of Prof. Andrea Bondavalli at UNIFI. The purpose of her work was to formalize the process of requirement illustration and design of system for Nano satellite project (NanoSATC-BR2), a scientific cubesat-based mission developed by INPE’s South Regional center.  She also worked on the scenarios to address the requirements given by users. She presented the system requirement documents to formalize the procedure of requirements and design of system. 

András Vörös (BME) has started his secondment at INPE in June 2019. András Vörös is an assistant professor at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. His main research interest is formal methods and model-driven software and systems engineering.

András presented tutorials at INPE and UNICAMP on "Model-based Systems Engineering" summarizing his past research and professional experiences on modeling, modeling languages and verification techniques. He presented tools and case studies from previous and ongoing research projects at BME.